26- 29 January 2023. Melbourne, Australia.

What is AYC?

Adventist Youth for Christ (AYC) is a celebration of youth, a challenge to aspire higher, a platform to be equipped and inspired, and an opportunity to grow and connect with others. 
AYC is comprised of students and young professionals who desire to be 
counter-culture and at the forefront of innovation.

Generation of new ideas

AYC is a new generation, centered around innovation. Together, we develop ground-breaking and exciting ways to connect with other youth in ministry and share the Word to the ends of the earth.

Passion for involvement

AYC is all about enabling youth involvement and mission. We are passionate about engaging young people to be involved in ministry, become leaders, and go out to finish the work.

Deep faith

AYC is a celebration of faith. Together we are challenged to deepen our faith and our personal relationship with Jesus.


AYC exists to inspire and raise up the next generation of youth in mission. Our events provide  opportunities to worship, network, be challenged through inspiring messages and testimonies and much more. 

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AYC is a lay-led youth and young adult initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
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