27-30 January 2022. Cooranbong, NSW

About Us

It’s September, 1844. The Adventist movement is filled with excitement. Jesus was about to return. They had gone all over proclaiming His soon return, and were encouraged by a great spiritual awakening. Yet Jesus did not return. The experience was bitter. Yet the Angel in Revelation 10:11 gave God’s last day people a final task; Prophesy Again. Go into all the world, before all peoples, proclaiming the imminent return of Jesus. To return to a deeper study of His Word.

Yet today, we’re tired. We’re disillusioned. Where is God? The world seemingly is falling apart around us. Is there a point to church?

Join us in 2021, as we prayerfully study deeper into the Word, in preparation for mission. So we can go out and Prophesy Again, to every nation, one final time.
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AYC is a ministry of a local Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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