Prophesy Again

to every nation.

28-31 January 2021 
Avondale College, New South Wales


The AYC 2020 Convention will be held right in the heart of  Melbourne, Australia. 
488 Swanston Street, Carlton 3053


Prices stated are exclusive of accommodation. All food and meals will be provided.

Early Bird Pricing

27th July 2019 to 7th October 2019

Ages 6-12


Ages 13-17


18 & Above


Regular Pricing - EXTENDED!

8th October 2019 to 11th January 2020

Under 18


18 & Above

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There are numerous affordable accommodation options near to the location of the convention, such as 'Arrow on Swanston', or Airbnb's.

About the Convention

Just before he returned to Heaven, Jesus gave us a mission. He gave us a vision.
He told us to go, go into the cities and to the uttermost edges of the earth.

Now, over two thousand years have come and gone, and still the work is not yet finished.
Time has helped us to forget who we really are, and what our purpose is.
We’ve begun to lose focus on His vision.

Now is the time, as young people, Seventh-Day Adventist young people, for a return to our identity and a return to personal spiritual revival. 
Yet most of all, it is time to return to mission.

This is who we are. This, is Adventist Youth for Christ.

The 2020 convention will be a weekend filled with dynamic speakers, inspiring and challenging messages, powerful testimonies, exciting workshops, and intriguing panel discussions covering relevant edgy topics. We will also hear from real students, real entrepreneurs, real workers, real people who are sharing Jesus right where they are, and how they balance work-life and church. Discover how lives are changed, and impacted for good, and so so much more. This is not an event to be missed!

January 24-27, 2020. Melbourne, Australia.

Join the movement.

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