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AYC 2023 Outreach Briefing

Called by Name 

AYC 2023 Outreach - Saturday 28 January 2023

Outreach Plan

Thank you for making AYC what it is and for your future efforts during the Sabbath Outreach! What you do will go a long way i  shaping someone’s life and bring them closer to Jesus. To ensure that our energy is efficiently used, we have  compiled a list of facts about the Outreach program. Please read them below and feel free to communicate any questions!

  1. Gathering location

After Lunch on Saturday, you will gather outside to your outreach location leaders at 1.45 pm, who will be holding a sign for their location.

  1. Outreach location

There are 6 outreach locations 5 around the St Kilda area (within 25 minutes walking distance);

  • Albert Park
  • Botanical Garden – Street survey & Doorknocking
  • St Kilda Beach
  • Town Hall area – Street Survey
  • Town Hall area – Door knocking
  • And 1 at Doncaster (40 minute bus ride away).
  1. Method of splitting groups

According to your networking group, you will be split into the 5 outreach locations.

Outreach pairs will be formed by pairing people who were assigned to the same networking group during the Friday afternoon Networking session

  • Location 1: Albert Park – Networking group 1-5

  • Location 2: Botanical Garden - Networking group 6-13

  • Location 3: St Kilda Beach - Networking group 14 - 18

  • Location 4: Town Hall area (street survey) - Networking group 19-23

  • Location 5: Town Hall area (Door knocking) - Networking group 24 - 27

  • Location 6: Doncaster - Network group 28 – 33

  • * Group 29-33 will come to see Fred for allocation.
  1. What to bring and wear?
  • The weather forecast is predicting a sunny day with temperatures above 35 oC on Sabbath. Please carry everything you need to have a safe and comfortable time serving our Lord. Suggestions include:
    • Comfortable and appropriate walking attire
    • Shades
    • Hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Anything else you deem necessary to maintain your health
  • Regarding our dress, despite the weather conditions, let us not forget that we are representing Christ. Our inner character – and our outward expression of it – must give the people we will interact with a clearer understanding of God.
  1. Time & Duration
  • The outreach program starts at 2 pm, so let’s try and ensure that we are all at the starting location on time, so that no one misses any critical information.
  • The outreach is around 1.5 hour and please follow your group leader’s instruction.
  1. Summary of the survey
  • Each pair has about 20 paper surveys and a link to the digital survey. Either can be used to log your experience with people (the digital survey is preferred). After a positive conversation with someone, it is paramount that you capture their contact details and what they are interested in, on the survey.
  1. Any other instructions
  • Please continue to pray that the program runs smoothly, safely and that souls are won to God
  1. Key Contact

Please see below for the key contact. If you have any emergency or enquiries, please contact the people below:

Fred Yuan – Outreach coordinator: 0402 033 678

Carlton Mapundu – 0450 710 071

Jame Butcher - 0421 199 354


Location 1 (Albert Park Area): Nikki – 0420 635 252

Location 2 (St Botanical Garden): Hedy – 0413 589 226

Location 3 (St Kilda Beach): Cyndee – 0433 502 983

Location 4 (Town Hall Areav – Street survey): Jenny – 0433 680 601

Location 5 (Town Hall Area – Door knocking): Aaron – 0402 043 857

Location 6 (Doncaster): Lawson – 0476 279 780

Thank you for taking the time to read through these key notes about the Sabbath outreach. Please contact the above if you have any questions.



We would love to hear how God blessed you during this time.
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