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AYC 2023 Resource Pack

AYC 2023 Resource Pack

2023 Conference Feedback Survey

Help us improve AYC. We read every survey response, and appreciate every input. We take all the feedback into consideration as we plan the conference.
AYC 2023 Feedback Survey

Networking Materials

The AYC conference is the best place to gather to network, and generate new and exciting ideas. 

Here are are the materials to take part in the Networking session on Friday afternoon.
Download the materials

AYC Mission Trip 2023

AYC is organizing a mission trip in June/July 2023!
If you are keen to go, or would like more information, please register your interest here:
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Outreach Survey

You are welcome to download and use the outreach survey back in your local church.

Download the survey - coming soon

AYC Beyond

The next big thing from AYC. 

In 2006, a group of young Adventists in Australia launched the very first AYC. Their goal was to inspire and network a generation of passionate, self-sacrificing and mission-minded workers for Christ. Since then, there has been, year on year, iterations of conferences and workshops in different cities around Australia, Asia and the world.

Hundreds of youth have given their time in full-time Bible work or ministry with the hope of hastening Jesus’ return.

But the question remains, where are these youth today?

What is the next step after AYC?

What is beyond AYC?

Prayerfully join us as we come together to pray for direction and ideas for AYC Beyond. Register your interest to join a special time of prayer at this AYC Conference.

Register interest to join the prayer session

Other Resources

Love and War - The Story

This story that you can watch, listen to or read is the account of where it all began and why through history something, someone, some power has been constantly working behind the scenes and now we find ourselves at a breaking point crying out for help.

The world seems to be desperately in need of a savior, but what if the savior that is coming is not the one many think?

You may have thought you’ve heard this story, but you owe it to yourself to make sure you hear the rest of it.

Watch and share all 10 episodes now

Other things happening:

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