Prophesy Again

to every nation.

28-31 January 2021 
Avondale College, New South Wales

AYC Standards

Dress Code
1. As this is a formal, professional event, delegates and attendees should endeavor to dress accordingly. An outfit of smart casual, or business casual is recommended.
2. Those appearing on stage should keep in mind that the stage is at least 1 metre above the audience. Therefore, it is recommended those participating in the program on stage keep this in mind and dress accordingly.
3. In the interest of humility and respect for others, we kindly request no jewelry to be worn on stage.
1. Music at AYC should be focused on giving worship and praise to God, and not for the glorification of the performers.
2. Music should be performed by individuals committed to God.
3. In the interest of the diverse audience which attends AYC, as well as the division often
created around drums, it has been prayerfully decided to refrain from using them,
whether on stage or in backing music.
4. Music chosen for congregational participation should be appropriate, encourage as
much participation as possible, and not have the appearance of a performance by the
worship team.
5. More modern Christian music is welcome. However, if non-hymn music is selected, the
lyrics should be checked to ensure they are inline with the doctrines upheld by the
Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and not be of a repetitive nature.
6. Musical instruments such as guitar, string instruments, bass guitar, and other non-
percussion instruments are encouraged to accompany the piano, to create a livelier worship experience.

Marketing and Distribution Policy

Some people just assume they have “truth”, and they are modern day Elijah’s ready to “preach the message.” These include the promotion of certain programs, colleges, books, DVD’s, ‘ministries’, and other manner of things. This policy covers any marketing or distribution of materials at AYC, either directly or indirectly through private conversations between individuals.

1.  Any information or promotional materials of any kind, which you would like to share, must first be shared with the AYC Executive Committee prior to AYC. This will then be discussed in consultation with the Gateway Board for a decision. The basis for the decision will be whether or not the information is a resource for soul winning, and relevant to the audience. AYC is not a theological symposium.

2. There shall not be any booklets, brochures, DVD’s or any other kind of unauthorized information or marketing in any form or manner, to be handed out, or conducted by individuals during AYC.
3. We will have a number of booths that will be set up to help equip our young people with soul winning resources, and any information that you would like to share for the training of youth for soul winning will need to be first approved by the AYC Executive Committee. Please note that all booth space has been filled and we do not have room for anymore booths.
4. Those who decide to deliberately move out of harmony with this policy will be asked to leave AYC immediately, without refund.