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AYC Beyond

Crossroads: AYC Beyond Premiere

AYC Beyond: 27-28 January 2024

Introducing AYC Beyond

AYC Beyond is the next big thing from AYC.

In 2006, a group of young Adventists in Australia launched the very first AYC. Their goal was to inspire and network a generation of passionate, self-sacrificing and mission-minded workers for Christ.

Since then more than a decade has passed, and the question remains: where are those youth today? What happens after AYC?

Are you a professional or a young family seeking a time of revival, networking, and action?
AYC Beyond is a special event designed for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, business people, families.
AYC Beyond is what happens beyond AYC.



AYC beyond is a time for revival, experiencing God in a powerful way.


AYC Beyond provides an opportunity to network amongst peers, focused on professionals from all areas, and those who are in the next stage of life.


AYC Beyond provides an opportunity to get involved in unique ways to continue the AYC experience and impact.


AYC Beyond sessions will be happening at the AYC Main conference in Melbourne.

 65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC 3004

Saturday, 27 January:

  • Sabbath Morning - Combined with AYC (Sabbath school + Divine Service)

  • Lunch (AYC Beyond networking time)

  • Sabbath Afternoon - AYC Beyond Session 1 + Q&A Session

  • Dinner (AYC Beyond networking time)

Sunday, 28 January:

  • Sunday Morning - AYC Beyond Session 2

  • Sunday Lunch (AYC Beyond networking time)

Ticket Price:


Registering for an AYC Beyond ticket provides access to only these sessions. These sessions are not open to regular AYC attendees.

We have a limited number of spaces available, and priority will be given to those who have previously attended AYC.

Register now (AYC Beyond Ticket)

AYC Beyond FAQs

What is AYC Beyond?

AYC Beyond is a the next stage of service movement for our inspired young people. The journey after AYC may have been narrow or wavey. Some may have moved to new areas of the world, or into new areas of service.
There may have been highs or lows in the path after that mountain-top experience.

But wherever we now are, God’s calling still remains.

And He is still asking us to serve where we can, be a shining light for Him and inspire those around us.

AYC Beyond is targeted to professionals, individuals with families, with the intended age bracket to be 36+.

AYC Beyond - Premieres at AYC 2024

We are planning to launch AYC Beyond at AYC 2024. With the help of the invited speakers and members of previous AYCs, we hope to use their experiences, knowledge and guidance to provide the networking platform to shape the “beyond group” of the army of God.
Over a two day launch event at AYC 2024, a special program aims to network and connect Beyond delegates.

Who should be a part of AYC Beyond?

We specifically appeal to past AYC delegates who have felt God’s fire and want to build on their service. God needs both the young and the experienced to do His work, and He call us wherever we are to turn back to Him. There is always room for those who are willing to be part of his service.

What are the specifics of the launch event?

Concurrently with the AYC program, but only Sabbath and Sunday, AYC Beyond delegates will have two exclusive sessions, a Q&A session and exclusive networking opportunities over meal times, bring the Beyond delegates together.

These will be only for the AYC Beyond delegates, and will have specific time with AYC keynote speakers.
These workshop have been timed and planned with the needs of AYC Beyond delegates in mind.

How do I register for AYC Beyond?

Please register right here! Note that we will prioritise and be specifically approaching prior AYC delegates for the AYC Beyond event.

Can I also register for AYC 2024?

Yes you can, and you can attend both AYC 2023 conference events AND the AYC Beyond events. However, you will have to register (and provide payment) as an AYC delegate, and fulfil the criteria to be a AYC Beyond delegate.

Is there a virtual option for AYC Beyond?

We are not planning a virtual option at this stage, but we hope to do so if there is enough interest. If you cannot attend in person and want to explore a virtual option, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page 

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