Ministry Booths

3ABN Australia is an SDΑ, TV and radio organization, part of three angels broadcasting network, spreading the gospel to a lost and dying world. We will provide advertising information, free pens, pins, and other items to give away. Personnel will be available to talk with attendees about the work of 3ABN.
Adventist Media
Digital Discipleship - inspiring, encouraging and resourcing church members to use creativity and innovation to make disciples and share Jesus' love in the digital space.

Signs of the Times - to equip members with print resources to share the good news about Jesus
Adventist Volunteers SPD
Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS) is designed to connect mission-minded people with the genuine needs of people around the world. We will have free resources to encourage missionary work and discipling from Peter Roenfeldt, Promote opportunities available to serve around the world. Interactions with attendees for any questions to be answered about missionary work at our Adventist Institutions/ organizations. We will also have promotional merchandise to give away for anyone who will pass by.
AMEN stands for Adventist Medical Evangelism Network. We are a group of doctors, dentists, nurses, allied health, laymen and pastors who are passionate about the ministry of healing. We run yearly national conferences as well as state-wide conferences to spread the word of the health ministry, teaching individuals in the health field how they can bring others to Christ. Our goal at AYC would be to expand our group, to show the young people who are either health professionals, students studying health or anyone interested in the health ministry, that we are active in our local regions, trying to witness through the ministry of healing. We offer tips, strategies and advice on how to minister via the health field in Australia safely, through a wide range of experiences. We also offer mentoring to students or young health professionals by linking them up with another member of AMEN, preferably with someone older and well ahead in their work/training career. It can be very hard for students or young professionals, especially in the health field, to stay connected to Christ and focus on the ministry of healing instead of getting caught up with the stress/progression of these fields. By being aware there is a community of Adventists that are currently doing the same, we aim to encourage one another toward our goal of ministering to our audience.
Avondale College

Eastward Missions
Eastwood missions (AKA Madison missions), is a self-supporting supported ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church, focused on:
• Youth ministry (youth camps: D’Sozo community Service-Focused Camps, Music Camps)
• Health ministry (the Maker Heals program, a Christ-centered, practical spiritual and health education program)
• Literature evangelism (canvassing programs and trips primarily geared toward, but not limited to, young people)
• Publishing ministry (producing, printing, and supplying mega books), missionary training (Bible training, medical missionary training), self-supporting industries (Beehive tree services arborists
Find out more and contact us at
Echo will be sharing about how to give bible studies and how to use bible marking as a disciple. We will also be sharing testimonies about giving bible studies and some directions to effectively use these study guides.
ELIA Wellness
ELIA Wellness is a not-for-profit provider of accessible lifestyle medicine that aims to help people achieve whole-person health. We are part of Adventist Health Care and a sister organization to Sydney's largest private hospital, the Sydney Adventist Hospital. We recognise that whole-person health is more than just our mind, body and good nutrition, it includes health across the 7 dimensions: the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and vocational dimensions. ELIA Wellness promotes evidence-based lifestyle medicine, integrated with conventional medicine, to prevent, arrest and reverse chronic diseases. ELIA Wellness offers group programs, fitness programs, knowledge resources and opportunities to increase wellness through self-directed plans.

What attendees can do to be involved?
Create a free ELIA Wellness account on our website. Gain access to wellness-enhancing programs and tools by exploring the knowledge Centre (which contains articles, videos and fact sheets on wellness topics), joining a Community Group, joining exercise programs with ELIA Fitness, and/or joining a group wellness program. You also have the opportunity to facilitate group programs. To do this, join an ELIA Wellness Partner training to start your own Community group and various facilitator training for group programs. Our programs address stress management, lifestyle modification for improved emotional wellbeing, spiritual journey, forgiveness for healing, gut health, preparation for retirement and better nutrition.
Fishers of Men
Fishers of Men Apparel is a Christian (Adventist) clothing brand that seeks to empower young people to be confident in their faith. We are a missional brand that exists to equip young people to be able to share their faith in confidence and style. The best way to support our vision is by getting our gear and sharing it with all your friends. At the stall, we will have all our clothing plus an exclusive item! We hope to have some fun activities as well and some prizes to be won. Check out our website at and our Instagram page at @fomapparel2020.
Go-Ye | Kyle Morrison
I worked for NNSW for 4 years as a pastor and Administrator, and have been contracting to the GC for the last few years while serving in the mission field.

I created a board game that inspires people for mission. In short, It helps people understand the mission of the church and reflect on how they relate to that calling, all while being a 2hr strategic and entertaining game. 

You can see the game at I'll be making it available for wholesale price to AYC attendees and have only around 80 games left
NNSW Youth and Young Adults

Youth Rush
Be part of an end-time movement for filling the work of the 4th Angel of revelation 10! Literature ministry is dedicated to equipping and inspiring Adventist throughout Australia and New Zealand to share hope + health within their spheres of influence through the printed page. Cheque out youth rush student programs to learn alongside mission-minded youth how to share your faith and impact lives for eternity
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