Prophesy Again

to every nation.

28-31 January 2021 
Avondale College, New South Wales

AYC Executive Committee

The Adventist Youth for Christ (‘AYC’) executive committee is responsible for the management of each department of AYC. The committee overseas planning, and day-to-day operations of AYC.

The executive team are comprised of a diverse group of Adventist young people, including university students, young professionals, and pastors. The executive team is committed to the message, beliefs, mission, and structure of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

The AYC Executive committee is overseen by and responsible to the Gateway church board.
AYC is not an independent ministry, but rather is part of Gateway Adventist Centre, a local church in the Victorian Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Samuel Kitevski


Currently in both Law School and Business School

Helenda Wong

General Vice President

Currently in Law School

Kelly Ngotngamwong

Vice President of Marketing and Communications 

Randy Sie

Vice President of Operations

Seneca Bosco

Vice President of Programming

Currently studying Education

Justin Torossian

Vice President of Evangelism

Pastor in the North New South Wales Conference

Aimee Matko



Kojo Akomeah


Senior Pastor, Gateway Adventist Centre