Pastor Cristian Copaceanu is the President of the South New South Wales Conference based in Canberra, where he lives with his wife Erika and their two daughters. Pastor Cristian is an Avondale College alumnus and has worked as a church pastor and departmental director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church before moving into his current administrative role. He is also the co-founder of Faith FM and enjoys exploring and experimenting with various modes of evangelism to bring more souls to Christ.


Tom loves to share the word of God through writing, teaching, and preaching —especially with his wife by his side. Tom also works as a freelance writer creating lessons, Bible studies, and articles for the Seventh-day Adventist church. In his downtime, Tom loves spending time with the woman of his dreams – Tanisha. He also enjoys skateboarding, playing basketball, studying scripture, and reading the inspired writings of Ellen White. Having served as a Bible worker for four years, Tom is fluent in the foundational understandings of scripture and how to practically share the everlasting gospel with others. His most-loved subject of study is Bible prophecy; more specifically, the Person behind prophecy—Christ, the triumphant Lamb.


Pastor Lyle Southwell is the breakfast show host of Faith FM Radio. He is also a North New South Wales Conference Evangelist and Hunter Valley regional pastors’ mentor. Raised in ‘The Apple Isle’, Tasmania, Pastor Lyle trained as a cabinet maker before accepting God’s call to ministry. Since 1994, Pastor Lyle has served in full-time ministry specialising in public evangelism, personal evangelism and church planting. He is happily married to Michele, a Radio Producer, Retail Merchandising Specialist and native of Wisconsin, USA, and they are the proud parents of two sons and grandparents of two grandchildren. When not exploring history and bible prophesy, Pastor Lyle enjoys spending his spare time four-wheel driving, camping and sailing.


Sukeshinie (Suki) Goonatilleke is a wife and mother of two young girls based in Melbourne, Australia. By day she is a busy home-schooling mama and by night she works as a freelance writer. Her works include scriptwriting for the TV program “The Incredible Journey” and writing historical content for the “Lineage” website. Suki is also an author and her first book “Sisters in Arms: Courageous Women of the Reformation” was recently published by Signs Publishing in Australia.


Pastor Josh Gonzalez is the senior Pastor of the 3amRyde SDA church in Sydney and he is a passionate preacher who communicates with conviction. Having come out of a life of gangs and drug and alcohol addiction only a decade ago, Pastor Josh is on fire for the Lord and loves to preach the Gospel and has been very active in youth and community ministry for the last several years. He has also been actively involved in church planting and has a passion for helping everyday people understand who God is and how to have a real and meaningful relationship with Jesus. He is happily married to his wife Tania and has two daughters who also are involved in ministry with Him.


Hana is originally from Japan and has a non-religious secular upbringing. Her studies took her to Iceland as well as Sydney, Australia, where she completed her master’s degree in education. Along the way, Hana attended ARISE Bible School and is now working as a Bible worker in Newcastle. Hana studies the Bible with university students, leads a small group on Friday nights, and runs Japanese classes as a means of outreach. Hana willingly shares her testimony with people she meets, and she can see how God has led her step-by-step to a deeper understanding of Him.


As the Evangelism Director at Adventist Media, Pastor Wayne Boehm is hands-on in his role of integrating media and ministry. Pastor Wayne has previously served as a Youth Director, Conference President, and Union General Secretary. He currently heads the Bible School at Adventist Media, an ideal role for someone who lives to bring souls into the Kingdom.


Pastor Ashley Smith has been the pastor of the Murwillumbah Seventh-day Adventist Church since 2016. Pastor Ashley has a passion for ministry and seeing people make eternal decisions for Jesus. His ministry has seen him speak at events across Australia and overseas. Aside from ministry, Pastor Ashley enjoys being outdoors, whether hiking, in the vegetable garden, or spending time with his wife and three children – Khloe, Tommy and Emma.


Pastor Justin Lawman started his pastoral ministry in 1997 and has since worked in various roles both in administration and church. Pastor Justin is interested in mission and being effective in witnessing efforts. After 10 years in administration, Pastor Justin decided to go back to local church ministry to encourage core principles of mentoring and discipling. Currently, Pastor Justin is in a full-time mentoring role to the young pastors in the South New South Wales Conference.


John Kitevski is a businessman, international evangelist, and one of the leaders at Gateway Adventist Centre in Melbourne, Australia. John and Naomi have led small groups and discipleship ministries for decades both in Australia and across the world. John is currently serving as an Elder in a community church plant, and Naomi is serving as a small group leader. They are both passionate and intent on sharing about Small Group ministry, as it is one of the foundational principles of Christian growth and discipleship.
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