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The Journey

Down a rugged path, two people walked. Their discouragement, fear, and uncertainty filled the air as they discussed what had just taken place.

In their moment of need, in their time of discouragement and uncertainty, a Man joined them. Beginning with Moses and expounding upon the Scriptures, He reminded them of the Promise, He reminded them of the prophecies of the returning triumphant King.

He gave hope.

Yet they still did not know Him. Filled with only knowledge, their journey reached a crossroads; would their journey end there?

Or would they continue The Journey with Him?

Their journey was not over; for they urged this Man to remain and in doing so, Jesus was revealed to them. The journey does not end when we simply have the knowledge; we cannot end our journey there.

We must press Jesus to remain, urge Him to stay, so that He may be revealed to us, personally.

And our hearts will burn within us. For it is the God who walks and remains with us.

The Journey does not end, it continues.

Join us at AYC 2024, as we continue The Journey, desiring God to be revealed personally, and exploring who we are and who we can be.

Early Bird pricing available 29 June 2023
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