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“By this time they were nearing Emmaus and the end of their journey. Jesus acted as if he were going on, but they begged him, “Stay the night with us, since it is getting late.” So he went home with them.”
Luke 24:28-29 NLT

Down a rugged path, two people walked. Their discouragement, fear, and uncertainty filled the air as they discussed what had just taken place.

In their moment of need, in their time of discouragement and uncertainty, a Man joined them. Beginning with Moses and expounding upon the Scriptures, He reminded them of the Promise, He reminded them of the prophecies of the returning triumphant King. 
He gave hope.

Yet they still did not know Him. Filled with only knowledge, their journey reached a crossroads; would their journey end there? 
Or would they continue the journey with Him?

Their journey was not over; for they urged this Man to remain and in doing so, Jesus was revealed to them.

The revelation of Jesus meant their hope was no longer nailed to a cross, their hope was no longer wrapped in a tomb, their hope was resurrected, their hope was alive. 
They had walked with the Truth, the Life, the Way. They had walked with Jesus.

Our journey does not, and cannot end when we simply have knowledge; we must urge Jesus, beg Him, to remain, to stay and journey with us, so that He can be revealed to us, personally.

At AYC 2024, we will gather together and prayerfully urge and insist that Jesus continues the journey with us. Over the course of the weekend, the messages, the conversations, the prayer time will be centered seeking a profound and insistent desire for Jesus to dwell with us, to journey with us, and be revealed with us.

We want a heart burning experience.

Jesus must be revealed to us personally, before we are able to go out and finish the work. Our relationship with Him is the most important thing there ever is.

It is our passion, our prayer, that at AYC 2024, you will insist and take Jesus with you on the journey. No matter what crossroads you face, no matter where they may be; urge, press, desire, Him to be there with you.

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Ages 9-15
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Ages 16-34
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Ages 35+
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Worship leaders  and music

Phoebe Entermann
Callum Entermann 
Sanja Kitevski 
Ben Milis
Marleta Fong
Tom Sliwa
+ friends


A curated selection of relevant topics where participants can learn from experience.
Different to traditional workshops or seminars, these sessions are where practical lessons from experienced individuals are shared.


These take place from the MainStage, and are where the collective AYC  worship together with uplifting and modern music, hear inspiring and challenging messages, testimonies, and updates from church leaders.


Friday night after the evening devotion, join the praise and worship team for an hour of worship through music to open the Sabbath.


Inspired by ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction' (David Letterman), and ‘Fireside chats' (Davos), these provide an opportunity to delve into an hot topics or issues in an intimate manner.


At the end of each day, hangout with people around in a structured discussion to dissect and debrief the content explored throughout the day. 


Insights showcase new ideas, new thought processes, provide an opportunity to hear from thinkers, theologians, pastors, lay people on a topic they are passionate about which can help spark a conversation and inspire new and innovative ways to do outreach or think.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

AYC is delighted to hold the 2024 conference at the award-winning Pullman hotel in the heart of Melbourne. 
Easily accessible from all parts of the city, the Pullman hotel is a premier location.

Coming in from interstate? AYC has partnered with the Pullman to provide an exclusive discount.
Contact us for more information.

Registration Info

Sabbath admission:
Sabbath programming is free for Saturday morning. If you plan to attend during this time, you must complete a registration, and select the free Sabbath Only event pass option.
No other times are free to attend.
There are no free meals provided on Sabbath. You can add meals to your registration if you wish to eat the Sabbath lunch meal.

Cancellation Policy:
Conference registration fees and exhibit fees are non-refundable. In case of cancellation, the registrant should notify AYC, but no refund will be given.

Minors and Chaperones Policy:
Age 0-8: may attend with parent/legal guardian free of charge and do not need to be registered
Age 9-18: must be chaperoned by parent/legal guardian 21 or older

General Information

Meal tickets can be purchased on the registration page. Pullman Hotel is providing delicious chef-prepared vegetarian meals at the following price:
Lunch: $20 per meal (available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
Dinner: $20 per meal (available for Friday and Saturday only)
NOTE: Breakfast is not provided.
Alternatively, check out restaurants in the area, including St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra. The Prahran market, Melbourne’s number one food market, is just 20 minutes by foot or 6 minutes by car from the venue.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is offering rooms at a discounted rate for AYC attendees. The exclusive link is available as part of the registration process.

January 25-28, 2024

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park
Melbourne, Australia

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