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What can I expect at an AYC conference?

Components of an AYC Conference


The MainStage is where we gather together for:
1. Keynotes - the main presentations in the morning and evening
2. Worship through music - uplifting and inspirational music
3. Testimonies - encouraging stores of what God is doing in Australia and around the world

Practicum: Workshops

During the day, you will get to attend various workshops, where you learn and deepen your faith through inspiring presentations and group discussions.


The AYC conference is the best place to gather to network, and generate new and exciting ideas. Throughout the conference, there are dedicated times for intentional networking and developing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.


At the conference, we get to put into practice things we have learned, and are provided with a unique opportunity to witness to the local community. 
Together, we go out to help those in need, give back to the community, and share God to others.

AYC Beyond

The next big thing from AYC.

Join us as we launch an exciting new initiative in 2023 to bring the mission and vision of AYC into all stages of life.
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25- 28 January 2024, Melbourne

Registration opens later this winter!
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