Prophesy Again

to every nation.

28-31 January 2021 
Avondale College, New South Wales

At the AYC 2020 Convention, you will be able to attend and take part in two workshops topics. 

When registering, simply select which of the two workshop topics you would like to attend.  

Your first selection will be the first workshop topic you will attend.

Your second selection will be the second workshops will be attending.

Each workshop topic has 4x 45 minute sessions.


Powerful Prayer 
Being personally revived through prayer, increasing your faith and spiritual life
Speakers: Pastor Pavel Goia/Charissa Torossian (Workshop 1)  Charissa Torossian (Workshop 2)


SDA Identity and Ellen White
Understanding who we are and what our identity is as Adventists, in light of prophecy and Ellen White
Speaker: Pastor Justin Torossian


Satan’s Worst Nightmare
Youth in mission, living dangerously for God
(Recommended for under 18's)
Speaker: Pastor Gary Blanchard


Why did Mrs. White Want to Cut Off Both Her Arms?
The inspiration of the Bible. Was only part of the Bible inspired? 
Going back to our roots in Sola Scriptura
Speaker: Pastor Louis Torres


Failing Your Way to Success in Outreach
Outreach can be scary, daunting and hard. But does it have to be? It’s okay to fail! It’s okay to mess up. Here’s how you can fail your way to successful outreach and mission
Speaker: Boris Jovinov


The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Sabbath School
How can we experience personal revival through devotions, and the Sabbath School? How do resurrect our spiritual life?
Speaker: Justin Kim


Find Mr./Mrs. Right
Relationships can be tricky. Will I ever find the right one? Does God have a plan? All these questions and more!
Speaker: John Kitevski