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Crossroads 2024

Adventist Youth for Christ (AYC) is a celebration of youth, a challenge to aspire higher, a platform to be equipped and inspired, and an opportunity to grow and connect with others. 
AYC is comprised of students and young professionals who desire to be 
counter-culture and at the forefront of innovation.


Emergency Contact Information

Dr. Aaron Koh 0430788820

Ryan Rodrigues 0420 423 475

Floorplan of the Conference

Map of the Pullman

Outreach Information

Map of the Pullman

We are looking forward to our outreach on the upcoming Sabbath, January 27th and will all get hands on experience working in different areas of the Lord’s vineyard.

Everyone is going to participate in 1 of the 6 outreach activities and learning experiences.

  1. Bringing youthful energy to aged care centres
  2. Door knocking and hand billing in Western Melbourne (SWE West)
  3. Connecting with strangers in the city, bringing them to our spheres of influence and ultimately inviting them to bible studies (SWE City)
  4. Supporting local church outreach efforts in the Doncaster (SWE Doncaster)
  5. Reaching out to the Clayton community through WeExplore, our health focused Centre of Influence
  6. Digital Outreach workshops features international content creators in our own church

Please see the map below for the gathering area:

Conference Map with Outreach locations highlighted

The details can be found below:

  1. Aged care visits:

There will be two locations for the visitation (City and Footscray). We aim to manifest God’s heavenly love to the residents, and, most importantly, please bring the Word of God to share with them. Utilize the time spent with them for evangelization.


1.30 pm: Outreach briefing – Main Hall

1.45 pm: Boarding on the bus (Footscray), starting the walk to the venue (City), and performing a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to the visit.

2.15 pm: Arrive at the venue, and the program will include singing, story-sharing, and a shared activity (creating a memoir for the aged care residents).

  1. Side Walk Evangelism – West


1.45 pm: Board the bus departing to Footscray (Same bus as the Aged Care group)

2.15 pm: Arrive at Footscray and follow the outreach instructions from your assigned leaders on how best to reach out to the community

4.30pm - Return for the AYC conference

  1. Side Walk Evangelism – City


1.45 pm: Split into groups of 2-3 people

2.00 pm: Walk to your designated outreach locations

2.15 pm: Start interacting with people and surveying their spiritual interests

4.30pm - Return for the AYC conference


  1. Side Walk Evangelism – Doncaster


1.45 pm: Board the bus departing to Doncaster

2.15 pm: Arrive at Doncaster and follow the outreach instructions from your assigned leaders on how best to reach out to the community

4.30pm - Return for the AYC conference

  1. Centre of Influence experience and outreach

The group will be traveling to the Monash University Clayton area to have a tour and gain an understanding of the concept of the Centre of Influence before the outreach. Afterward, you will be going out to invite people to come and participate in future events.


1.45pm - Board the bus and depart for Clayton.

2.15pm - Tour and learning at WeExplore Centre.

3pm – Outreach.

4.30pm - Return for the AYC conference

  1. Digital Outreach

Digital outreach has become increasingly important in today’s ministry, and we are eager to explore its potential in reaching out to people.

For this event, a group coordinator will spearhead the activities.

2-2.30 pm: Introduction, briefing, and preparation.

2.30 pm-3.30 pm: Brainstorming and script development, encouraging collaborative creativity.

3.30 pm-5 pm: Members of this group will use their smartphones to produce outreach videos under the guidance of the coordinator. The aim is to create impactful content that can be shared on various social media platforms.

We also encourage you to share any blessings you received from God during the evening session. If you'd like to share with us, please click here to submit your request. This link can also be used to share your feedback.


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