The Spirit of AYC

1. Respect for Scripture. Respect for Scripture as the foundation and test of all teachings and practices.

2. Appreciation for the Spirit of Prophecy. Holding the Spirit of Prophecy with regard as an authoritative source of instruction, comfort and warning.

3. Quest for Biblical Holiness. Being committed to the Word through daily prayer and devotional experiences with Jesus.

4. Vibrant Worship Experience. A worship experience that celebrates our faith through joy, inspiration and encouragement.

5. Passion for Lost Souls. Having a desire to follow Christ’s command to go into all the world, seeking the lost. Animated by personal experience in the saving love of Jesus and a desire for His imminent return.

6. Enthusiasm for Service. Through care for the needy, service to the community, promotion of human rights and stewardship of the environment.

7. Commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church as God’s Remnant Church. Supporting and upholding its principles, organization, structure and leadership.

8. Attitude of Humility and Cordiality. As we seek to clarify, articulate and defend the Biblical teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church, let there be an attitude of openness, humility, and cordiality.

AYC Registration Terms and Conditions

AYC conference registration fees and all associated fees paid to AYC are non-refundable in any circumstances. In case of cancellation, the attendee should notify AYC, but no refund will be given.

AYC reserves the right to deny, cancel, or alter the registration of any person or exhibit who 

  1. Fails to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information, or 
  2. Violates any of AYC’s policies or procedures, including but not limited to the registration of and attendance by minors, displaying or distributing printed materials, visual depictions, audio and/or video files, clothing, and any other effect during the conference or on the grounds of the facility where AYC is being held that would be out of harmony with the stated beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and with the Spirit of AYC. 

Any pamphlets, books, leaflets, DVDs, CDs, USB’s, or any other material (physical, digital, or otherwise), may not be distributed to AYC attendees without the express, written permission of the Executive Committee of AYC.

AYC is not responsible for any loss, liability, financial, or otherwise, that may result directly or indirectly from such denial, cancellation, or alteration of any person’s registration. All attendees participate in all conference seminars and conference events at their own risk. 

Neither AYC, its officers, representatives, agents, or other associated individuals or entities accept any liability of any kind whatsoever, regardless of the manner in which such liability may have arisen.

Consent is given for photography, videography, and audio recordings to be taken during AYC events which may be used during the program or in the promotion of future events or in other situations as AYC deems appropriate.

At its sole discretion, AYC reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel any conference seminars or conference events with or without notice.

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AYC is an official entity of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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